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Perfect Connection is proud to announce two scholarship opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year! The Scholarships will award two individuals with Autism that are high school seniors $1,000 each.

The Perfect Connection scholarship awards are provided to individuals who have an autism diagnosis who are accepted into an accredited university or technical program.

Scholarships are awarded once per year

Apply for scholarships by May 25, 2023. Winners will be announced on June 23, 2023

Perfect Connection

Junior Ambassadors

Perfect Connection is seeking college and high school students that are passionate about the special needs community, empowering others, and changing lives through non-profit management.
Perfect Connection is a non-profit organization that was developed to assist families with resources, to raise awareness through education, to provide advocacy and outreach to members of the autism community and to provide educational and social experiences to children on the Autism Spectrum.

Our Junior Ambassadors Program is one of the many ways we advocate for our community to raise awareness and understanding of the unique needs of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our Youth Ambassador Program is an opportunity for high school and college students to serve as leaders in raising understanding and support for autism. Our Youth Ambassadors combine their passion for sports, science, and/or the arts with community service to deliver compassionate support and advocacy to help fulfill our mission.

Youth Ambassadors learn critical leadership skills, such as how to recruit, advocate, and fundraise. Our college ambassadors are given a unique insight into finance and operations regarding non-profit management functions, This provides a competitive edge in the workforce after graduation. With increased competition in the college application process, we offer ambitious and good-natured high school students the chance to boost their application efforts.


  • Strengthen critical thinking, leadership, public speaking, and problem-solving skills
  • Professional, real world work experience
  • Community service opportunities
  • Learn to be a community leader
  • Networking opportunities with other Youth Ambassadors
  • Opportunity to have a positive impact on a community in need
  • Recognition and awards for commitment and service
  • Opportunities to earn scholarships (eligibility requirements must be met)


  • Participate in Junior Ambassador training to become familiar with the mission, vision, mantra, and pillars of support for Perfect Connection
  • Create a personal fundraising project or projects and set a financial goal of $1,500 per year (or $125 a month!) of involvement to support individuals and families affected by autism.
  • Participate in quarterly “Adopt an Autism Class” projects. Each quarter junior ambassadors will be given a theme and tasked with developing service projects that will benefit an assigned elementary autism classroom.
  • Volunteer for at least two Perfect Connection events each year. Nearing the end of the ambassador program develop a report highlighting the challenges and lessons of pursuing fundraising, the steps they took to bring their project vision into reality, and how they can apply these skills and lessons to their future studies and careers.
  • Bring a positive, professional attitude and commitment to amplifying the mission of Perfect Connection.
  • Take part in social media campaigns and other related activities for Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month.

Next Steps

Complete and submit application

Attend Orientation
(you will be provided with dates)

Early Intervention

Perfect Connection provides training to assist families with recognizing early signs of autism and securing the appropriate interventions.

  • Workshops for parents with newly diagnosed children
  • Support for parents to assist with creating structured home environments to include daily schedules, tasks, and other tools for success.
  • Community Connector Program (program to promote autism developmental screenings and referrals for further evaluation and/or early intervention services)
  • Childcare and caregiver training


Perfect Connection provides an environment that promotes academic, behavioral and social and emotional growth for individuals and families with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Blue Angels Academy: school designed for 2-5 year olds with autism
  • Robust family and caregiver trainings and seminars in partnership with school districts and other local agencies
  • Partnerships with higher education institutions for continued research/behavioral interventions


The transition services umbrella provides resources and support to assist individuals with disabilities with living independently.

  • Community Resources that assist with basic needs: transportation, healthcare, trade programs
  • Career Skills Training and Employment Placement Training Program (IPP)
  • Transition coaches and mentors


Perfect Connection hosts advocacy training cohorts as well as Advocacy institutes designed to prepare individuals to serve as advocates and liaisons between schools and families. Perfect Connection’s advocacy training cohorts and institutes are led by Executive Director, Liza Lawrence, who is a highly recognized and respected leader in the Houston community with numerous awards for her advocacy work on behalf of children with disabilities, Dr. Courtney Jones, a content expert in the field of education, leadership development, and special education, and Dr. Kurt Hulett, a leading educational consultant with extensive expertise in special education law. As a result of cohort and institute participation, individuals gain: Enhanced knowledge of critical laws governing special education, Increased soft-skills for navigating difficult people and difficult meetings, Knowledge of advanced tactics in special education advocacy, Support with planning their first IEP meeting as an advocate, Support with debriefing and discussing next steps following their first IEP meeting, Key strategies for working closely with parents and achieving their goals, Preparation and planning for success in the IEP process, and assistance with learning how and when to write letters to the school and district or state agencies.

Disability Consulting

Disability Consulting is a primary function of Perfect Connection as we work to improve social and educational outcomes for children with disabilities, to include children on the Autism Spectrum. Our disability consulting spans a vast array of entities to include but are not limited to faith-based organizations, early childhood centers, public and private schools, professional associations, and parent groups. Our consulting services include:

  • Train the Trainer Sessions
  • Speech language pathology referrals and services
  • Behavioral and Music therapy and support
  • Advocacy training and representation for ARD’s and IEP development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Career Exploration models for children with disabilities i.e. STEM, Fine Arts, etc.
  • Resource Mapping
  • Parent Trainings
  • Community Awareness and Engagement
  • Summits, Institutes, and Workshops

Contact us with questions or to schedule a consult, please email contact@theperfectconnection.org